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axn 2020-04-25 10:53

[QUOTE=SethTro;543739]I started the server running, I haven't made an attempt to merge sieve1/sieve2.


It's also not clear what the relation target is (so I guessed 700e6)[/QUOTE]

Cool. Can you merge the R5.b7abb1 stats into R5?

BTW, there is no target relation as such -- this sieve effort will stop at q=30e6 (ETA 24 hrs), and the rest will be picked up by NFS@home

VBCurtis 2020-04-25 16:07

7 Thread-years to produce 70M relations. I estimate Greg will use 1200M or so raw relations for this job; if we guess that CADO would be half as fast at higher Q than at Q=20M, that's around 250 thread-years total.

2330L needed 99 thread-years for C207; if the above estimate is correct, 10 digits more difficult but only 2.5x longer is a nice ratio!

Then again, I had estimated 65 thread-years for the c207 when it began, which means this C217 estimate is just under 4x longer than the C207 estimate- just as one would expect for 10 digits tougher.

We're at Q=29.5M now; I'll shut down the server this afternoon.

VBCurtis 2020-04-26 05:20

We reached Q=30M, and the server is shut down. I'll post a relation count (raw and unique) once I collect all 3 runs' files.

SethTro 2020-04-26 08:36

I updated the server, sorry I was late to joining this effort and getting it graphed.

I'm excited about other efforts MF might be doing this year.

VBCurtis 2020-04-27 04:36

Posts for the sieve effort for the C198 Kosta number have been moved to the CADO subforum [url][/url]

pinhodecarlos 2020-05-04 10:17

I’ve started receiving from NFS@Home Grid wus for 2,1165+.

pinhodecarlos 2020-05-08 06:46

Sieving range at q=380M (leading edge sent to clients, not position of sieving)

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