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mdettweiler 2009-06-26 17:28

Max on the move: vacation June 28/30-July 4
Hi guys,

I will be going on vacation for most or all of next week. It's not yet finalized whether I'll be leaving on the 28th or the 30th (though it's leaning towards the 30th). I will be returning late on the 4th.

I will have little, if any internet access during this trip. What little access there is will be dial-up, which will probably only be good enough to log into my computer remotely and check to see if the PRPnet clients are still running. :smile: If last year was any indication, runs pitifully slow on dial-up (rather surprisingly, since it is a somewhat slim and trim site), so in all likelihood I won't be able to get on here.

If the GB servers go down, talk to Gary--he knows how to restart them. If you absolutely need to get a hold of me, though, your best bet is to email me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. Email will probably be one thing that's relatively easier to check while I'm away.

Max :smile:

gd_barnes 2009-06-26 23:43

Can you leave us a phone # and address of where you'll be at and your itinerary in case there's an emergency?


Mini-Geek 2009-06-27 02:45

Have a nice vacation. We'll try not to blow too many things up around here while you're gone! :missingteeth:

mdettweiler 2009-06-27 04:05

Okay, I've got a somewhat more exact time frame for my vacation now. I'll be leaving late afternoon/evening on Monday, June 29, and returning in the late evening on Saturday, July 4.

Meanwhile, as far as things breaking during my absence: I'm pretty sure that everything will be okay. :smile: The worst that could possibly happen is for something to break with the LLRnet/PRPnet servers on Gary's machines, and in most situations Gary would be able to get those back online quite easily. If any of you guys currently on the GB servers want to play it extra cautious, feel free to switch over to IB servers while I'm away. IB4000 and IB5000 are loaded with very similar work to that in G4000, and IB9000 is loaded somewhat similarly to IB8000. The PRPnet servers have no direct analogue on the IB servers, but I don't think anyone but me is on those right now anyway. (Besides, PRPnet can automatically fall back to a secondary server if its primary one goes down.)

Max :smile:

gamer007 2009-06-27 05:59

Have a fun vacation! :smile:

vaughan 2009-06-27 07:02

Enjoy your holiday Max, don't worry about us here. We'll find all the juicy primes for you while you're away. :smile:

Flatlander 2009-06-27 09:17

[quote=gd_barnes;178951]Can you leave us a phone # and address of where you'll be at and your itinerary in case there's an emergency?

I was going to say that but I wasn't mean enough. :grin:

Maybe we will get 'The George Effect' and find some juicy primes while you are away. ( But it looks like Cruelty and Sven have already done that. :banana::banana:)

Have a great one Max!

mdettweiler 2009-06-29 18:48

Okay, just finishing up some final packing right now. This will probably be my last chance to get online before leaving, so as of now you can consider me officially on vacation.

Find lots of primes, and don't break anything while I'm gone! :smile:

Max :smile:

P.S.: One other thing. My 11th Drive range is mostly finished on my PRPnet server, but has a couple straggling k/n pairs that should be completed within the next few days. At any rate, I have plenty of work loaded up to keep my computers busy (CRUS Sierp. base 12). When I get back I should be able to process the results from the 11th Drive range and report that range as complete.

mdettweiler 2009-07-05 05:20

I'm back! :smile: I haven't gotten the chance to catch up on any of the threads yet; I'll tackle that tomorrow. However, I do see that I have no new PMs, and the only emails I got were just prime notifications and various dross--which means probably nothing major went wrong while I was out. :smile:

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