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opyrt 2010-01-23 13:53

CSVs for stats available + New combined stats
Ltd has made stats for this project available as csv files. They are:

For PRP:

For sieve:

The field values are explained in the first row, the separator is the ampersand symbol (&) and there is no text qualificator. The CSV-files for PRP contains information on both first pass (fields with FP in them), second pass (fields with SP in them) and those two combined.

We encourage everyone who parses the stats.html page to build their own stats to convert to using the csvs.

A few important things:[LIST=1][*]The csv files are updated every 15 minutes.[*]Adding the scores of all team members does [U]not[/U] necessarily equal the team score, as some members have changed teams after earning points for another team.[*]Stats.html might be changed in the future, breaking stats for those who have not converted.[/LIST]As discussed in another thread, we decided that "Combined stats" are better for PRP instead of separate stats for first pass and second pass. This is also how GIMPS and Seventeen or Bust does it.

To make sure things were OK, we contacted Bok of to test the new files and the result is here:

If you feel that some fields are missing in the csvs, please let us know and we'll have a look (not promising anything ;).

I would like to thank ltd for all the work he has put into this, and Bok for his assistance in the layout of the files and for creating the new stats on You guys are awesome! :smile:


PS: I will contact Nanobot of the DC-Vault to get him to convert to csv. If you know someone else who parses stats from here, please let them know if this thread.

DigiK-oz 2010-05-04 16:26

Well, I am (still) parsing the webpage stats. In that, I find a userid/teamid along with the username/teamname. I prefer using the ID in my stats-engine, since I also parse a lot of other stats (mainly BOINC), where users/teams can change their nickname. The ID, however, always stays the same.

If at all possible, I would like to see the teamid/userid added to the CSV files as well. I'm not sure how that would affect existing users of the CSVs, however.

opyrt 2010-05-25 10:21

Hi DigiK-oz.

I'm afraid this will break current implementations (although I'm not really sure). It might be implemented in the future, but don't hold your breath!

DigiK-oz 2010-05-31 08:13

No problem. I will convert from the webpage parsing to the CSV files later this week

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