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Matthias C. Noc 2004-08-24 15:04

Stage 1 and stage 2 tests missing

I’ve a small problem. It seems that for my current exponent no Stage 1 and Stage 2 tests were run. It started directly with the LL-test. I’ve no other exponent in the pipe and even deleting the variables


didn’t helped. Are the stage1 and 2 tests no longer part of the test or has somebody else run these tests on my exponent?

Uncwilly 2004-08-24 15:45

What expo do you have? Maybe somebody did P-1 it and then returned it. If it is a D-C, there are a group that tries to make sure they all get P-1'ed by machines with more memory.

Matthias C. Noc 2004-08-24 15:55

Thanks! The exponent is in the 1965xxxx range. For my stage 1 and 2 tests 512 MB RAM would be available.

nfortino 2004-08-24 16:13

With an exponent that small, someone almost certainly did the p-1 test, and then let it expire before finishing the LL test. If you are really worried about it, you can go to your personal status page and check the fact bits number. If it is 67, the p-1 has already been done.

Matthias C. Noc 2004-08-25 15:27

Okay, somebody has done the trial factoring to 67 bit (if that is replacing the stage 1 test), but what is with stage 2?

axn 2004-08-25 15:42

Your exponent would have been trial factored to 66 bit. When P-1 was completed on it, the server marked it as if it has been trial factored to 66.5 bits. But in the reports, it will show up as 67 bits.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 are both part of the P-1 calculation - the server doesn't distinguish between these two stages, and the client only reports the P-1 result when both stages are completed.

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