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swellman 2021-01-11 20:54

[QUOTE=Gimarel;569022]I have a poly: [CODE]# norm 5.369906e-18 alpha -8.489995 [B]e 4.380e-14[/B] rroots 5
skew: 64415524.93
c0: -950283759038144268177888905980038988538739075
c1: 115292521977799490543259931429188845873
c2: -654161154523991992475330245499
c3: -75995595926236972418569
c4: -1886341444770
c5: 5405400
Y0: -625012870636650963070156088144445318
Y1: 1074153717873160635929[/CODE][/QUOTE]

That’s not a poly, that’s a work of art. Holy e-score Batman!

I’m continuing to search but...

VBCurtis 2021-01-11 23:00

Beats the record by 15%, again. That's a full digit of difficulty. Nice!

Rather than try to beat that result, a quick msieve search for the C191 suddenly available in the Cunningham Project subforum would be nice. I think Charybdis and I plan to finish poly select Tuesday night, with sieving starting Wednesday. Any efforts there are appreciated.

Edit: Thread-link: [url][/url]

swellman 2021-01-12 18:13

C189 Search Terminated
I’m done searching. Will post Gimarel’s record poly score in a day or two unless someone else informs me they are hunting polys.

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