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fivemack 2013-07-13 18:50

[QUOTE=firejuggler;346204]If anyone need a poly in this range (150-170 digit) , ask. Or if I forgot one in this thread, remind me.[/QUOTE]

Would you be willing to give


a go? It is the 176-digit cofactor of iteration 677 in sequence 3270, which is I think still the shortest sequence starting with a number below 10000.

If that's too big,

(the 155-digit cofactor of 9436.1316)

would also be of interest

firejuggler 2013-07-13 19:01

I'll give a nudge to the 176. I'll report back in few hours -no garantee of a good poly-.

wombatman 2013-07-13 19:34

I'll take a whack at the 176 as well.

VBCurtis 2013-07-13 20:08

Big is good- if I have the sieve-time estimates correct, all three of us can spend a few days on this number productively.
I'll start at 23.5M.

firejuggler 2013-07-13 20:19

What range do you recommand? 8M? or above, 40M?

wombatman 2013-07-13 20:20

I'm running 100M+ (polydegree 5).

VBCurtis 2013-07-13 20:58

I think anything 10M+ will have skew roughly similar. Even though overlapping ranges only duplicates a little bit of work, it's easy enough to search different ranges.

We can report our typical skews for the lists of decent polys to make sure 20m, 100m, and whatever you choose really are similar.

wombatman 2013-07-14 01:01

Sounds like a good idea. It'd be nice to know how the skew varies (or doesn't) for given ranges. Here's my first one so far--it's a fair bit under the expected range:

expecting poly E from 1.46e-013 to > 1.68e-013
R0: -2988691192272804298611698595599499
R1: 237161778113747539
A0: 32731363407803097195252649322319485122428800
A1: 3923946321852883713926555500462761080
A2: -1172068129952158854846849214634
A3: -65955053275793992651415
A4: 8394258833127276
A5: 100009980
skew 13540340.13, size 2.166e-017, alpha -8.427, combined = 1.085e-013 rroots = 5[/CODE]

Edit: Here's one with slightly better score and an order of magnitude lower skew:
[CODE]polynomial selection complete
R0: -2988105935112559387239257538404549
R1: 262138118976309551
A0: -1684154512885205386857910460902575111600
A1: -40913519008928283606564309026397940
A2: 42965292076801711799985554792
A3: 3340385908071805886631
A4: -682953059486718
A5: 100107960
skew 4054135.37, size 2.263e-017, alpha -6.468, combined = 1.142e-013 rroots = 3[/CODE]

VBCurtis 2013-07-14 04:16

Skews for coeff = 23M are 7-12M for alphas in the 6's, 11 to 16M for alpha over 7. Best score after a few hours is 1.24e-13 w/skew 8.7M.

VBCurtis 2013-07-14 06:53

Update: Score 1.32e-13, skew 7.3M. Since wombatman's skews are lower than mine, I'll add a zero for tomorrow's run after a C152 run for RichD's aliqueit sequence.

firejuggler 2013-07-14 08:27

For the C176
R0: -2258685475663263250324560136301285
R1: 140428258550291
A0: -802438015828677555679491307924381393152
A1: 36920184606841951622303727157923495
A2: -41481464461097192689035440776
A3: -488488458101203216750
A4: 4075532791202328
A5: 405667080
skew 2987703.90, size 2.744e-017, alpha -6.656, combined = 1.281e-013 rroots = 5

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