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4x4n 2007-01-12 23:52

Running 2 clients on dual core cpu
Can this be done? I have tried with 2 installs in separate folders, but still not having any luck getting both clients running at the same time. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

S485122 2007-01-13 09:44

There are some hints in the undoc part of the help file and the same in the UNDOC.TXT file.

It is not necessary to use two directories. Startthe first instance of prime95, in the Advanced menu set the affinity to 0, set it to start at bootup in the Options menu.
Open a Command Prompt, go to the prime95 directory, and type "prime95 -a1", once it oppened, in the Advanced menu set the affinity to 1, set it to start at bootup in the Options menu.

There are some older threads concerning this, some are in odd places like > Fun Stuff > Lounge ([thread=6834]How to Open Second Instance of Prime95?[/thread]

Mini-Geek 2007-01-13 13:51

Um...this is in the Prime Sierpinski Project forum...not one related to Prime95.

Chino112 2007-01-13 13:58

but you should have no problem running the PSP software across multiple processors.....maybe its time to change project ;)

S485122 2007-01-13 16:43

Oops ! Did not sleep wel last night. I should turn my keyboard 7 times around before ansvering :-(


4x4n 2007-01-14 18:25

Bumping this up to try and get some answers. Has anyone else tried to run this on a dual core? There must be someone. Do I need to change something in the gui window? There isn't much info on how to run this client. Thanks for any help.

Citrix 2007-01-14 19:35

What does the log file say. There should not be any problem. Does the program crash? Are you talking about llrnet or llr?

hhh 2007-01-14 22:08

I guess it should be done like it used to be with prime95: Start two different copys in two different folders.
But aware: You should check the iteration times; a hyperthreaded P4 for instance does not take any profit of the two instances of llr, while it does when it comes to two copys of the sieve client.
However, you spoke of dual core, and things can be different on your processor.

Is that the answer you expected?
Yours H.

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