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swinster 2007-12-01 14:19

Will the torture test, test ALL available memory?

I have an AMD XP system with 3GB of RAM. I have both Windows XP and Vista installed on separate partitions but since upgrading the RAM to 3GB, Vista fails to boot and shows various STOP blue screens. However, I can boot into XP with no problem seemingly.

I have run Memtest86+ and Windows Memory diagnostic, both of which found no errors. However, I would like to test the memory fully within XP.

Will Prime95 run as a torture test, test ALL the available memory? I can only set a maximum of 1842MB in the CPU section on Prime95 but I'm not sure if this setting effects the torture test. If so, how can I increase this or is there a better method?


S485122 2007-12-01 17:50

There is a limitation on how much memory a program can use in XP 32 bits : 2GB, you can extend that, but the programs have to be written to take that option into account. For all practicall purposes the 32 bits version of Prime95 will not test more than 90% of the memory available to it : 2GB in other words 1842 MB.

But the fact that XP has no problems with the memory makes me doubt it is the culprit. What are the parameters shown in the BSOD ? What is are the specifications of your memory modules ?


swinster 2007-12-01 17:54

I not convinced that it is entirely the memory's. I ran Prime95 within Windows XP for a few hours with no issue (although only half the total memory in the system was being used).

However, as soon as I put in over 2GB into the system Vista will not boot - even from the Vista CD. The MB (DFI NF Ultra 11) supports up to 3GB of memory, which is proven as the PC boots, load Windows XP and runs Prime95 with no apparent issue. Yet Vista will not load beyond the "time line" screen.


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