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ixfd64 2008-06-21 19:32

server running out of exponents?
The PrimeNet server usually generates ten ranges (of size 100,000) of exponents whenever it's short on unassigned exponents, but it only generated five ranges this time (49M to 49.4M).

Is the server running out of exponents or something?

Prime95 2008-06-22 00:54

I only added the 49.0 - 49.5 range because the LMH (Lone Mersenne Hunters) group is apparently still trial factoring the 49.5-50.0 range to 2^64.

cheesehead 2008-06-22 06:14

In WsF's thread "49.0-50.0M to 64 bits" at [URL][/URL],

WsF released the range 49.5-50.0M on May 24.

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