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Lariliss 2021-10-25 16:49

Stephen King 11/22/63
My reading inclinations float through my daily life aiming either to bring changes to routine or following the common splash of interests and driving some new things.

Nowadays I've come back to Stephen King. '11/22/63' is one of the books that has slipped from the days when I was reading his works over and over.

Good writers say that a book comes to a reader just in time.
This provoking many dimensional thoughts work is now in my head.
As usual, going through the details of human nature and looking at the story from it’s heroes' eyes, Stephen King raised historical and daily deeds in full scale, showing how it can cohabit in a person.

pinhodecarlos 2021-10-26 20:42

Interesting book, although not a big fan of SK, but nevertheless I will add to my queue.

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