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Prime95 2004-06-14 23:57

If you use the manual web forms to submit 26.3M results before the range is being handed out, then all should be OK. I hope.

garo 2004-06-15 08:24

Thanks George. I'll crunch mine and hand them in before Primenet reaches 26.3 so that I do not step on anyone else's toes.

hbock 2004-06-18 14:53

Is anybody working on the other 488 exponents from 26,320,000 to 26,338,812 ? Please post it here, just to know what's left.

garo 2004-06-18 16:46

I think that wabbit(chalsall) has already worked on them. He submitted about 20 factors in the range which is about the right number. It's a shame that his effort was not coordinated with ours which could have prevented some duplication of effort. Oh well.

In any case, it will be futile to do the range now. I bet no other factors will be found upto 62 bits.

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