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greg 2020-05-05 16:39

Manual assignment bug?
Not sure where to report this, and I have not seen this reported elsewhere.

If I request trial factoring from the manual GPU assignment page [0] (if important, I set "bit level to factor to" 71) the task bit levels are 70 to 73:


When looking at my account assignment details page [1] the task bit level is only 70 to 71:


It works alright, but I am unsure if this is as intended.

[0] [URL][/URL]
[1] [URL][/URL]

LaurV 2020-05-05 17:58

I edited your post to purge out the assignment keys. General wisdom is that is not good to post those in public. Now, for a TF assignment, one "hacker" can't do much with them, maybe except doing the assignment for you, and saving you the electricity costs :razz:, but well... one should get the habit of not posting those, regardless of assignment type.

The problem you describe is known and repeatedly discussed on the forum. Last time [URL=""]here[/URL], not long ago. If you intend to do all the "inflated" assignments, do NOT report each bitlevel separate as you finish it, because when you report 71, you LOSE the assignment. Of course, you can continue to higher bitlevels, without assignment, but there is the risk someone else gets it meantime, and that will result in duplicating the work (and bad blood here around with the guy you shared the "stepping on toes"). Best is to do the work to the bitlevel you want, 71, 72, 73, etc. (around 78 bits would be ok for this expo :razz:), then report all in a bunch. So you keep the assignment until you are done with it, and make sure nobody duplicates your work meantime.

Also, giving links to the assignments and workload is not helpful, those are YOUR workload and assignments, we DO NOT see them. If we would click those links, we would see OUR assignments, which are different. Screen snip saves the day in such cases.

kriesel 2020-05-05 18:54

Welcome, Greg.

There's a learning curve here.

Here's how I understand the guidelines.

For posting on the forum:
Redact AIDs always.
Redact res64s for first primality tests of an exponent, LL and PRP. (Until matching res64 checks become available on the server.)
Whether by copy/paste text, or screen image capture and post.
Redact before posting.

For private message to a software author or server administrator, it's different. Give them as much relevant information as they may find useful to find and fix an alleged problem.

You might find some useful information at [URL][/URL]

greg 2020-05-07 16:58

Thank you for the link to the bug report I had duplicated. Hopefully this can be fixed soon. The links were for reproducibility.

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