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ltd 2010-11-19 14:36

Server update in December
A first warning for a planned outage in December.
The whole site inclusive the sr5 sub pages will be down for at least two days in December.
I have planned to do this in the week starting with 13.12. Exact dates will be posted later.

Reason for the shutdown is a complete re installation of the linux server.
This has to be done to support the latest prpnet server versions.

So soon after the restart there will be new prpnet servers version 4.x available.
On PSP the old 2.7 servers will continue to run for a while to allow the returning of open tests. They will be stopped when there are no tests left in the queue.

So on PSP you will find the following server:

1. old llrnet server (If I get it to run/compile on the new linux version)
2. old PSP first pass prpnet server 2.7.x (to be phased out)
3. old PSp DC prpnet server 2.7.x (to be phased out)
4. NEW PSP first pass server V4.x (access announced after successful internal test)
5. NEW PSP DC server V4.x (access announced after successful internal test)

On the sr5 subpage:

1. old llrnet server (If I get it to run/compile on the new linux version)
2. Either a combined prpnet V4.x server for both S5 and R5 or two separate servers. (Plan at the moment is to have only one server) (access announced after successful internal test)

The priorities will be to get the old prpnet/llrnet server running first. After this
the page will come online again to support the clients with work.
After this I will start to work on the stats and on the different support (cron) jobs. So there might be some outages even after the restart. I will do my very best to keep the downtime as short as possible. There should be no lost data possible as. Only exception would be a client connection exactly at the time of a restart.

Joe O 2010-12-04 14:46

Server update in December
There will be several outages in the period 2010-12-13 to 2010-12-31 while the server is being updated. Thank you for your patience.

ltd 2010-12-06 20:38

Plan at the moment is to stop all services on 15.12 at around 10:00 CET.
After that another full backup and an export of the DB will take place. So I would recommend that everybody gets enough work for around 4 days.
I hope to have the servers responsive in less than 2 days but who knows what happens.

Plan for the setup is as follows.

1. Install everything to let prpnet 4.x run.
2. Import the DB.
3. Get the old prpnet 2.7.x up again.
4. Try to run the old llrnet servers.
5. reactivate the stats transfer for the different (old) server
6. reactivate the different PHP scripts ( sieve result import. Stats generation)
7. create statistic transfer modules for the new PRPnet servers

Two attention points:

1. After the 15.12 even if the sieve submission page seems to be available please do not import anything before I give a go here in the forum. The sieve import is directly linked to the db without any additional save files. So if I am forced to re import the DB all factors send in during that time would be lost. There is no problem with results for the prpnet server as they work with some additional result files which I can import without any problems.
2. Getting the statistics to run has a very low priority. (Highest prio is getting work out to the clients) But don't panic. It might take some days before all stats are active but every result will be counted. In the worst case it will be counted for the wrong day.

ltd 2010-12-14 15:41

Don't forget the downtime tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

There is a very small modification. Due to the fact that I have to go and buy some food tomorrow morning(today the snow gave some problems on the roads)
the downtime will start a little bit later.

ltd 2010-12-17 13:14

As promised the official announcement for the SR5 sievers.
You can now send in sieve results again.

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