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RMAC9.5 2003-10-29 05:07

Problem with Reporting Results to Primenet
After several weeks with no internet access, my PC reported 3 LL results and 3 factors to the data base server in a single report. The 3 LL results were reported correctly but only one of the following factors was reported correctly:
M23417029 factor = 258764601656010503
M23375311 factor = 5289440229661689559
M23312819 factor = 3087980257842483799
Only the middle factor showed up in the individual report that I ran immediately after all three results were reported to the data
base server. Can some one check to see what happened to the
other two factors?

GP2 2003-10-29 05:29

The other two factors were already reported by user wabbit back on Sept 3, and are already in the factors database.

[font=courier new][size=1]
23312819,61, F,3087980257842483799,03-Sep-03 05:48,wabbit,factoring
23417029,58, F,258764601656010503,03-Sep-03 08:38,wabbit,factoring

For some reason, you apparently redid these factors.

RMAC9.5 2003-10-29 16:39

Thanks for the quick response. Since I get all of my GIMPS work from the PrimeNet server, I think this means the server issued these trial factoring assignments twice. Maybe this thread should be moved to the Server section where it will be noticed by the server admins.

QuintLeo 2003-11-02 23:06

There's already a thread about duplicate TF assignments in the Data section.

Both George and Scott are aware of the problem.

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