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wblipp 2003-08-10 23:07

Factors of M(3326400) - was M(5040)
I started the Lounge thread about factors of M(5040). In that thread I also posted factors from related exponents. Now that we have a factoring forum I will post these factors here.

106638643913461155414345241 is a factor of M(1485).
607648390273 is a factor of 2^16632+1, and hence a factor of M(33264)

The P27 was found using GMP-ECM5 with B1=25000. The remaining unfactored cofactor is reduced from a C210 to a C184. The P12 was found with Dario Alejandro Alpern’s web based Java factorer. It leaves a remaining C2583 cofactor. Both results have been reported to Will Edgington so they will show up in the next release of lowM.txt.

wblipp 2003-08-10 23:09

I have set up an ecm server at You can run some curves on my numbers by using the ecmclient package at . The ecmclient program gets composites and B1 values from a server and reports results back to the server. Sander, aka smh, has assisted in setting this up and has run some curves for me.

I’m working my way through a series of 11-smooth exponents. I expect to ultimately reach M(3326400) – all factors I’ve reported on this thread and the Lounge thread are factors of this. At present I’m working on 50 composites factors of M(3326400), ranging from a C184 factor of 2^1485-1 to a C6936 factor of 2^55440+1. I add additional composites from time to time.

All help will be gratefully accepted.

edit to fix URL.

wblipp 2003-08-11 15:37

P16 from M(23760)
I found a P16 from M(23760) (which is a factor of M(3326400)) using Dario Alejandro Alpern's Java factoring program. The remaining composite, C1719, has been added to my ECM Server at The server is configured so that 40% of the assignments are for the composite with the least amount of ECM work, so this number will be handed out frequently until it catches up with some of the other numbers.

This is a factor of 2^11880+1. In mersfmt form

M( 23760 )C: 5018022345394081

smh 2003-08-11 17:40

I've put a zipfile (~800K) with the ecmclient and ecm.exe for various processors online [url=]here[/url]

Before you run ecmclient, put the right ecm.exe in the same folder and set the parameters in ecmclient.cfg

I did get a few connection errors today though:
[code:1][2003-08-11 17:33:15 GMT] Warning: Server died mid-handshake
[2003-08-11 17:33:15 GMT] Connect error. Pausing 1 minutes

don't know if it's my side or the server side. Rebooting my router didn't solve the problem.

Wblipp, are you running the client at idle priority on your server?

wblipp 2003-08-11 17:57

[quote="smh"]I've put a zipfile (~800K) with the ecmclient and ecm.exe for various processors online [url=]here[/url][/quote]


I did get a few connection errors today though ...

Wblipp, are you running the client at idle priority on your server?[/quote]

I was running some load tests, trying to run some heavy duty tasks at idle priority while letting the server run at above normal priority. The time slicing is too choppy in windows - the server was often locked out for longer than the communications timeouts. I've removed the intensive load and the server seems to be working smoothly now. My apologies to all that were inconvenienced.

Xyzzy 2003-08-11 18:34

What hardware/software does it take to run that server?

Also, you do know you can change the timeslice in Windows, right? It makes things slightly slower overall but greatly improves interactive response...

There is a similar utility for Windows 98 but I can't remember where it is...

smh 2003-08-11 19:04

[quote]What hardware/software does it take to run that server?

It runs in a dos box under windows.

You can run it on normal or idle priority. Problem with idle priority is that it doesn't get cpu time when a thread at normal priority takes all the cycles

Xyzzy 2003-08-11 19:21

If you can figure out a way to get it running on FreeBSD you can toss it on our server if you want to...

wblipp 2003-08-11 19:27

[quote="Xyzzy"]What hardware/software does it take to run that server?[/quote]

Tim Charron makes the source code available as well as precompiled Windows versions.

The server does essentially no processing work - simple data management and some simple arithmetic to pick the next exponent. It will run anywhere you can compile it.

You can also run the server as a slave. For example, if you wanted to work on my numbers but didn't like my settings for which numbers to work on, you could configure a slave server to communicate with my server at as a master, but implement your own assignment policy. Then have your client report to your server - the changes will filter up to the master and the total work done will filter down to the slaves. The server supports mixtures of five assignment policies
// Strategy for determining what to hand out (server defaults to #0 if nothing provided)
// 0 = random distribution from "Active" pool
// 1 = pick one which has the smallest B1
// 2 = pick one with the smallest sum(b1)
// 3 = pick one with the smallest work: sum(b1)*len(N)^2
// 4 = pick one with the smallest # of digits in the composite[/code:1]

I'm using a mixture of 20% for the smallest composite (#4), 40% for the smallest sum(b1) (#2), and 40% #3.

wblipp 2003-08-12 14:45

P33 found for M(3168)
M( 3168 )C: 324820678312159149670482185022529

Found with ecm being fed by the ecm server at with B1=25e4 (see smh's message for how to contribute). This number was among those presently active from the 40% of services that are chosen based on sum(B1)*length^2. The remaining C222 is now active in the server.

dsouza123 2003-08-12 17:44

Tried running it but got this

Client will run in idle class.
Can't open file:C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.ini
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Couldn't open C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.ini
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Couldn't open C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.crv
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Couldn't open C:\ECMNET\ECMCLI~1.daily
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] ECMnet Client application v2.0k started.
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Please visit for information.
[2003-08-12 17:09:52 GMT] Configured to connect to

The log gets the name ECMCLI~1.LOG

I am guessing it is missing ecmclient.ini ecmclient.crv ecmclient.daily.
It doesn't seem to support the long names correctly so really ECMCLI~1.INI ECMCLI~1.CRV ECMCLI~1.DAILY

Where do you get the files ?

Afterwards got the message
[2003-08-12 17:21:35 GMT] Connect error. Pausing 1 minutes

For the port is it just 8194.
Protocol and direction TCP ? UDP ? Outbound ? Inbound

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