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Citrix 2005-01-24 16:31

Prime for k=241489
Good news finally!

Found a new prime

241489*2^1365062+1 is prime! :bounce:

Found and verified using llrnet and llr 3.5. Waiting for the database to confirm it. Though both tests were done on the same computer.

weight of k=150, so not bad
Rank=23 :showoff:
provers code =L101

Hope the next prime comes soon! :whistle:

:cool: :cool: :cool:

PS: Lars, All the values for this k need to be updated but do not update the values for this k for my files, since all k/n pairs for this k have been sent to the LLR net clients, so I will be doing them in any case.

Prime95 2005-01-24 16:32


paulunderwood 2005-01-24 16:42

Congratulations Citrix -- a big find :w00t:

Jean Penné 2005-01-24 17:31

prime for k=241489
Congratulations, I am very happy to learn of this result!
I whish many further sucesses for you and for the project.


Mystwalker 2005-01-24 18:04

Great news! :banana:
Congratulations, Citrix! :bounce:

Maybe this project becomes more attractive now. And new dat files speed up sieving. :smile:

em99010pepe 2005-01-24 18:20

Nice found! :bow:

I agree with Mystwalker[url="http://member.php?u=1168"][/url], it's time to update the SOB.dat file.


Footmaster 2005-01-24 22:55

Congrats Citrix!

(and all the sievers)

I think a prime for PSP was well over due. :grin:

Citrix 2005-01-24 23:15

Thanks to everyone involved in the project, especially the sievers as footmaster pointed out, I don't think I would have been able to find the prime, working by myself.

It is taking too long for to confirm the prime. It took me about 2 hrs to confirm the prime.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Footmaster, the llrnet server seems to be down, I am unable to connect to it for few days, could you look into it and also update your the files for this k for the candidates that have not been sent out yet.

Citrix 2005-01-24 23:23

I would also like to mention here that our next prime should be found much sooner. Since we will be switching to LLRnet 3.5, which is 4 times faster than the current version, in about a weeks time. Currently me and ltd is doing some testing to make a sure that it doesnot have any bugs, once this is solved, we should find several primes really fast, and you could be one of them to find them.

Secondly, I have been asked about a network sieve client. There is a way to use the exisiting client as a network client, but it is complicated and you will have to have an expertise in networking concepts. if intrested, let me know and I will help you out, in terms of setting the client.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Mystwalker 2005-01-24 23:39

[QUOTE=Citrix]Since we will be switching to LLRnet 3.5, which is 4 times faster than the current version, in about a weeks time.[/QUOTE]

How do you handle the incompatibility of residues?

Citrix 2005-01-24 23:54

keep track of which program was used for which residue and use that in the future for double testing.

Since the new LLR is 4 times faster, it might be better to do 2 double checks with the new client instead of using the old client.

:cool: :cool: :cool:

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