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gd_barnes 2012-01-06 06:45

Reserving k=2400-3000/n=350K-425K for port 7000.

gd_barnes 2012-01-31 05:38

I have now posted all of the primes up to n=350K as well as k<2600 for n=350K-425K on this drive in the 1st post here.

Karsten, please check the number of new and confirmed primes for all ranges for n>250K against your Riesel primes pages.

Max, please have Dave delete all k=2400-2600 for n=50K-250K and then re-add Brucifer's primes for this range. Let's get this done please! It's time to get rid of that hole in the DB graph.

Karsten or Max, please process the results (residues) to me for all n=250K-350K. Preferred would be in k=100 ranges. After we are done with n=350K-425K, then we can process that range.



AMDave 2012-02-01 13:42

email sent
patch applied
ready for Max to add the replacement results files

NB - there will be some changes to the stats on the NPLB stats and therefore also on Free-DC Stats

gd_barnes 2012-02-16 09:52

Port 7000 has dried out for new pairs. Only straggling pairs remain. Upon completion of the remaining pairs, NPLB will have completed the non-top-5000 portion of the project and all k<3000 will have been fully completed to n=600K! This was one of the major objectives of the project when it leave no primes behind! :smile:

MyDogBuster 2012-02-16 20:28

Nice job guys. :banana::bow:

vaughan 2012-02-17 10:08

What now? There seems to be zilch on 9000 and 7000; and the 3500 tasks take too long.

gd_barnes 2012-02-17 10:12

[QUOTE=vaughan;289684]What now? There seems to be zilch on 9000 and 7000; and the 3500 tasks take too long.[/QUOTE]

Zilch on 9000?? There's plenty on both PRPnet ports 2000 and 9000. See the port 9000 status page at [URL][/URL]. There are over 46000 pairs yet to be completed. Are you having problems connecting to it? You have many pairs assigned to you that are from 20 to 60 hours old as of this posting. Like I said yesterday, I did increase the expiration time to 72 hours on that port so it is the same as port 2000 now.

Port 3500 is the only LLRnet port left on the project. After those 6 k's are complete to n=2M, we'll probably load another 6 k's in there for n=1M-2M so the tests will be shorter for a period of time. We'll probably hang on to that port for a while for our folks who like longer tests and LLRnet.

Regardless, our rally on port 2000 starts in < 2 days. I'd suggest beginning to move some machines there. The tests are almost identical in length to the port 9000 tests (actually just slightly shorter).

vaughan 2012-02-17 15:04

Oh it's my bad! I was after LLR so it seems port 3500 is it.

Nevertheless I'm having all sorts of hardware and mains power problems at the moment; I'll try to complete the tasks I have before the deadlines.

gd_barnes 2012-02-19 03:53

Early this morning, all pairs were officially completed on this drive. The admins will be completing the listing of the remaining primes in the 1st post over the next few weeks to get official totals.

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