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mdettweiler 2009-04-22 15:51

[quote=10metreh;170511]It was early morning his time, but he thought of it as the previous day.[/quote]
Yes, I figured it would be somewhat on the borderline depending on timezones, so that's why I specified the date in my post specifically to be 4/21. :smile:

Meanwhile, I'll get the postprocessing started up shortly.

mdettweiler 2009-04-22 18:04

Well, would you know! Apparently msieve wasn't satisfied with the ~21M relations we've collected:

[i]filtering wants 1000000 more relations[/i]

Looks like we'll need another 1 or 2 million relations. Load 'em up! :smile:

henryzz 2009-04-22 18:44

its worth doing at least 2M relations then
my cores are busy at this moment unfortunately

jrk 2009-04-22 19:52

[b]Reserving 10.7M to 11.7M[/b].

Andi47 2009-04-23 05:48

Range Who[/b]
1.1M- 1.7M jrk
1.7M- 1.8M Andi47

These are already done - see postings #66 and 70.

schickel 2009-04-23 05:57

[QUOTE=Andi47;170659]These are already done - see postings #66 and 70.[/QUOTE]You're right.....I didn't go back far enough when I changed it to "awaiting post-processing".....

fivemack 2009-04-23 07:44

Edit: I'll reserve b=1-2500 for line sieving. That should pretty well cover all of the range for which line sieving is at all optimal.[/QUOTE]

I should have mentioned this at the time, but if you have a skew of half a million, as you do in this case, the aspect ratio of the line-sieving rectangle ought to be 500000:1 ... so b=1..2500 would mean you'd want to target a=-625 million .. +625 million.

Lattice sieving remains noticeably more efficient than line sieving.

jrk 2009-04-23 09:52

10.7M to 11.7M done. 2259687 relations. Uploaded: [URL=""]10.7M_to_11.7M[/URL] (91.8 MB)

mdettweiler 2009-04-23 17:53

* 10.7M-11.7M jrk (done, 2259687 rels)
Total relations received: 23798946 (119% of 20M rels)

Postprocessing will recommence shortly. :smile:

mdettweiler 2009-04-23 18:46

Well, believe it or not, we still don't have enough relations:

[i]filtering wants 276621 more relations[/i]

Probably another million or so should do the trick. :smile:

Batalov 2009-04-23 19:01

What is important is how many unique relns you had at this point.
(Check the log. Then you may be able to make a better estimate.)
For a number of this size, you'd need at least 20-22M unique relns.

[I]filtering wants 276621 more relations[/I]
is not [I]always[/I] accurate.

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