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brunoparga 2006-07-09 16:05

Old assignments
Hey there everyone. I've sent private messages to both Hemster and Doorbasher, whose assignments come from late 2004. Since I got no answer, I asked the moderators if I could have their email addresses, but they can't do that. One thing Xyzzy told me is that an email is sent to them when they get private messages here; but I know they haven't even read my msgs yet.

What do you guys think about we taking over their assignments in, say, a week or two if we don't hear from them?

brunoparga 2006-07-30 01:17

Well, I've done my best to contact Doorbasher and Hemster, without success. We could suppose by now that they're not into the project anymore, and thus do their exponents. I'll take both of Hemster's (3321931057 and 3321931061) from 66 to 70 bits.

brunoparga 2006-12-07 00:58


Should we consider Joshua's exponent, 3321929573, to be unreserved to? I suppose he won't answer any PMs and he doesn't allow email messages to be sent him.


wblipp 2006-12-07 05:14

If an assignment is older than 6 months and the person is unreachable, I'm willing to consider the exponent abandoned.

brunoparga 2006-12-07 14:16

Uh, I thought the link I posted was to Joshua's specific post. [URL=""]Here[/URL] is it.

If I'm not wrong, there's three assignments prior to June 7th; one's your own, William, and you're obviously not unreachable. Joshua has another; I'll PM him [I]pro forma[/I]. And Curtis' is the oldest (Jan 20), I've emailed him; he says he'll report when he gets to the next bit.


Joshua2 2006-12-18 04:15

You can unreserve it thanks! Who woud'a thought I'd turn up? :) I just happened to check it out.

VBCurtis 2006-12-28 20:34

3321932443 is complete to 71 bits. i'll post in results thread too. I got involved in Riesel Prime Search, which adequately uses P2-class machines for sieving; thus all my old machines have a home now.
I'll decide within a week or so whether to run it to 72 or unreserve it.

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