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cheesehead 2009-07-28 06:42

Lost Prime Raider password request thread
Hey! I wanna be a Raider of the Lost Primes! Can I have a password?

kar_bon 2009-07-28 08:19

if you're referring to the subforum at NPLB, there's nothing special in it: only 17 post, the last from April!

Flatlander 2009-07-28 10:25

Yeah but, it's quality not quantity that counts.

cheesehead 2009-07-28 11:20

[quote=kar_bon;183111]if you're referring to the subforum at NPLB, there's nothing special in it: only 17 post, the last from April![/quote]Oh, I see what happened.

I was trying to get to the "LMH > 100M" subforum under "Lone Mersenne Hunters", which is the second item in the "Factoring Projects" category.

In a hurry (and tired), I failed to notice that I had clicked on the subforum under the second item in the "Prime Search Projects" category, instead.

When confronted with the demand for a password, I backed up and looked at the subforum title ([I]but not the title above it[/I] -- tiredness tunnel vision!) and thought someone had (mischievously?) changed the title of "LMH > 100M" to "Raiders of the Lost Primes". (Such things happen all the time around here.)

For a moment, I wondered, "Why the change to an earlier pop culture reference?", but decided to just request a password and then, since I couldn't remember which year "Raiders" (the movie) had been released, go to bed ...

Sorry about that, and I cancel my request for the password to RotLP.

mdettweiler 2009-07-28 12:24

Yes, I admit the password is a little annoying. It's supposed to be a forum for a team on the No Prime Left Behind project; as such, when we had Xyzzy set it up, we had a password put on it so as to emphasize that it's not part of the NPLB project per se, but that the forum was simply put there for lack of a better place. The password is freely available to anyone who asks.

Being a moderator myself, I tend to forget that ordinary mortals require a password to access it. (Not to mention that that subforum hardly gets any use, anyway--possibly this is at least partly due to the password requirement.) Heck, I may as well just post the password here:


There, now if anyone asks I can just point 'em to this thread. :smile:

Max :smile:

10metreh 2009-07-28 12:54


That password doesn't seem to work.

mdettweiler 2009-07-28 13:02

[quote=10metreh;183128]That password doesn't seem to work.[/quote]
Hmm, you're right. I just tried it myself after logging out and it didn't work. It's been so long since we actually used that forum for anything useful, that I forget whether we changed it to something different. :rolleyes:

Actually, NPLB has recently set up a new forum of their own at [URL][/URL], and that includes a dedicated ROLP subforum that does not need to be password protected. :smile: Even though we haven't yet gotten all the posts from our old forum here at mersenneforum tranferred over to the new one, considering that there's not much of anything to transfer in the ROLP forum, we may want to simply consider "officially" moving that forum over to the new site right now. That should avoid some confusion here, as well as free up some valuable real estate on the NPLB forum page. :smile: I'll bring up the idea in the ROLP forum shortly.

Edit: no wait, I'll bring it up in the NPLB forum, since if this password isn't what I expected it to be, then probably nobody will be able to easily access the ROLP forum anyway. :wink:

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