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Unregistered 2008-11-19 20:23

Question about assignment progress
Hi everyone,

I am new to GIMPS, having downloaded the software only three weeks ago. On my «Assignment Details» report, it is said that I still have 47 «days to go», down from 68 at first, which suggests that my computer is working on my exponent normally. So far so good...

But in the box named «Stage, %», it is written 0,00%. So I'm thinking if this box tells the percentage of the task completed, there is definitely a problem here. So what is «Stage, %» about ?


Quebec City

S485122 2008-11-19 20:51

This means that your computer does not communicate with the server. If you do not communicate with the server you will loose your assignment in 47 days.

In the menu "Options / preferences check that you have a reasonable number for the "Days between sending new end dates" (1 to 8 would be good.) In the menu "Advanced / Manual Communication" you can choose whether you want the program to communicate automatically or not. If you choose manual communication, you should initiate a manual communication once a week at least.


Uncwilly 2008-11-19 23:11

Did you select the default options, when asked? Did you change anything? What type of number and test combination did you select?

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