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fivemack 2016-10-27 22:49

Finally, some numbers from the Foxconn boxes
ECM at 43e6 on the C168 from 6552:1601

Foxconn box: 32 jobs simultaneously: 504.322s average per job (i.e. 228 curves per machine-hour)

i7/4790K box: 8 jobs simultaneously: 205.606s average per job (i.e. 140 curves per machine-hour).

The processor for the i7/4790K costs slightly more than the whole Foxconn box.

Whilst the CPUs in the Foxconn are advertised as 2.0GHz Xeon, they seem to run at 1.8GHz when I'm running 32 jobs; they idle at 1.2GHz.

Similarly, an i7/4770K takes about 5.3 thread-hours for 100kQ sieving on some number when running 8 threads, whilst the Foxconn box takes 13.5 thread-hours but is running 32 threads.

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