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mdettweiler 2010-11-27 05:33

GPU sieving drive part III: k<10000 n=3M-6M
Our previous [URL=""]GPU sieving drive part II[/URL], which covered n=2M-3M for this k-range, has been moved into BOINC at [url=], like the n<2M sieve before it. The non-BOINC side of things has now progressed to the n=3M-6M range.

For this sieve, the larger n-range of n=3M-6M (rather than just 3M-4M) was chosen since the 2M-3M sieve will keep BOINC busy for a good while, and thus we won't be quite as rushed to get the next range ready for it. Thus, we can combine 3M-6M and do it in one fell swoop. ppsieve and tpsieve scale such that sieving time is inversely proportional to the n-range; that is, n=3M-6M will run at exactly 1/3 the speed of n=3M-4M.

As last time, we will be sieving with tpsieve, and this will cover both the Riesel and Proth sides since we effectively throw in one of them for "free".

I will reserve ranges from the [URL=""]primary reservation thread[/URL] in the PST forum and distribute them here. The reservations table for NPLB's ranges ONLY follows below; see PST's thread for the overall canonical list.
P-range reserved by status
[I] 0T - 20T PST forum[/I]
20T - 30T PCZ complete
[I] 30T - 40T PST forum[/I]
40T - 50T PCZ complete
[b]No ranges current available in this forum due to lack of activity.
If you plan to contribute at least semi-regularly here, post here saying so
and I (Max) will reserve another range from PST to divvy out here.
Otherwise, you can just reserve ranges directly from the PST thread
(linked just above this box).[/b]

I will follow this up shortly with another post detailing how to participate in this sieve.

Max :smile:

mdettweiler 2010-11-27 06:12

Instructions for participation
To participate in this sieve, follow these steps:

-Download the appropriate version of tpsieve for your computer.
The CPU and CUDA versions can be downloaded at [URL=""][B]ppsieve software[/B][/URL] as before. The CPU version of tpsieve is bundled along with CPU ppsieve (ppsieve-bin-*.zip). For CUDA, download "tpsieve-cuda-*.zip". For OpenCL, download [URL=""][B]this[/B][/URL]--it's bundled with ppsieve like the CPU version. [COLOR=red]Yep, you read that right. tpsieve is now available for OpenCL! :grin:[/COLOR]
[B]Note: CUDA users will need the cudart-2.0 libraries in a place where tpsieve can see them. They are from a slightly older-than-latest version of the CUDA toolkit, so they probably didn't come with your installed CUDA toolkit. For Windows, download [/B][URL=""][B]cudart.dll[/B][/URL][B] and plop it in your tpsieve folder. For Linux, download for [/B][URL=""][B]32-bit[/B][/URL][B] or [/B][URL=""][B]64-bit[/B][/URL][B] and stick it in your CUDA libraries directory (probably /usr/local/cuda/lib/ or /usr/local/cuda/lib64/--at least that's where it is on Gary's machine).[/B]

[B]OpenCL (AMD/ATI) users will need to download the [URL=""]ATI Stream SDK[/URL] and read the [URL=""]instruction manual PDF[/URL]. You do need to read the PDF since it is apparently not exactly a trivial process.[/B]

-Extract tpsieve to its own folder somewhere.

-Reserve a range from this thread.

-Run the appropriate command line for your tpsieve version and range. Quoted from John at the PST forum:
[quote][B][U]PPR6M will have a command line as follows[/U][/B]

tpsieve-[COLOR=red](version)[/COLOR] -p[COLOR=red]##[/COLOR]G -P[COLOR=red]##[/COLOR]G -k5 -K9999 -n[B]3[/B]M -N[B]6[/B]M -ffppr[B]6[/B]M_[COLOR=red]##[/COLOR]G-[COLOR=red]##[/COLOR]G.txt -t[COLOR=red]#[/COLOR] [U][B][COLOR=red]-M2 -T[/COLOR][/B][/U] -q

-When the range is complete, upload your factors to [URL][/URL]. If you have trouble uploading, email your factors to [B][EMAIL=""][/EMAIL][/B] and I'll get them to where they need to go.

-Rinse, lather, and repeat!

Max :smile:

PCZ 2010-11-28 16:12


ETA Tuesday

PCZ 2010-12-01 11:11

20T-21T Finished
Found 5162792 Factors

21T-22.5T Finished
Found 7286140 Factors

Reserving 22.5T - 25T

PCZ 2010-12-02 19:14

22.5T-24T Finished
Found 6800408 Factors

24T-25T Finished
Found 4294665 Factors

Reserving 25T - 27.5T

PCZ 2010-12-04 21:51

25000G-26250G Finished
Found 5129013 factors

26250G-27500G Finished
Found 4878467 factors

Reserving 27.5T-30T

PCZ 2010-12-06 18:43

27500G-30000G Finished
Found 9118545 factors

mdettweiler 2010-12-06 19:05

Whoops, seems I let the work run out here. Sorry about that. 40T-50T is now available for reservation. :smile:

PCZ 2010-12-06 23:49

Caught you napping there :)

Reserving 40T-43T
ETA Wednesday.

There is a large speed increase coming above 43T, around 50% on my 470's

PCZ 2010-12-07 09:48

Revised ETA on the 40T-43T range.

3D Mark 11 is out, so i will be benching today.

PCZ 2010-12-11 02:42

Sorry bit late with the report.

40000G-43000G Finished
Found 7481820 factors

43T-46T in progress (reserved)

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