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Longshot 2005-11-05 15:24

Code 12 resources conflict
I rebooted my machine and on the restart my video setting was at the lowest setting (like you get when you boot to the safe mode). I was told I had a resourse conflict and to troubleshoot it. Hell, I didn't add or change anything. It was working fine before the reboot. I looked at the video card and the driver was still there and it was the latest one. It said it was working but had a problem.

In the BIOS I made sure that the AGP was turned on and no resources were allocated for PCI support of the VGA. Another reboot and I still had the same thing. Can anyone help me?

AMD XP3200+ (underclocked, running as an XP2500 333 FSB)
PcChips 848LU mainboard
Two 256 Mb Crucial Ballistix PC 3200 RAM
Windows ME
ATI 9200SE Video Card in AGP slot
465 watt Enermax P/S
9 Gb Samsung HDD

I have 5 PCI slots and 3 are in use. I am not using the one closest to the AGP slot. The AMR slot is not in use.

moo 2005-11-05 15:59

You proibialy have a memory space confliect try removeing one pci card after another till you get to your video card. If your running windows go to device manager -> right click on video card -> then go to properities -> then resources
write down all these do that for your other pci cards and post here.

Longshot 2005-11-07 04:01

I got lucky and solved the problem. Under resources for the 9200 video card I unchecked "use automatic settings". I could not change settings so I rechecked it. It told me to restart to get my new settings. It booted up and worked. I did clear out the VGA adapter and only let the 9200 in the device manager. Don't know exactly what I did and why it worked but I ain't complaining thanks for trying to help me moo.

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