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In case the topics on this page don't seem to match the "Ernst Mayer" you're looking for, are you perhaps looking for information on one of the following fine fellows? (I believe the Wikipedia term for this sort of thing is "disambiguation):

Algorithms and Number-Theoretic Stuff

The Mlucas homepage

The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search

R. E. Crandall, E. W. Mayer and J. S. Papadopoulos, The twenty-fourth Fermat number is composite, Mathematics of Computation 72 (243), pp.1555-1572, December 2002.

Selected discussion threads on mersenneforum.org:

Miscellaneous Musings, Rants, and Commentaries

Permanently Under Construction

Weird Stuff, a.k.a. the Pursuit of Happiness and Other Foibles

(Heh, heh, you said "hap-pe..." oh wait, I did say this page was Safe for Kids, didn't I?)

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